Digitalization Epoch

  • 5G

  • AI

  • IoT

  • Blockchain

  • Robot

  • Automation

  • Big Data


By attending the GLSC 2019, you can get
  • Cutting-edge observation and insight on the supply chain strategy

    Global leaders and experts will share their opinions on different stages of the supply chain digitalization for you to keep up with the most up-to-date strategic advantages.

  • Precise Strategy and Proper Technologies

    Methodologies and tools are discussed and provided for the purpose of building up a efficient and agile supply chain.

  • Digitalization Solution and Technologies

    Most advanced real cases and solutions will be exhibited and elaborated during the meeting for your further useful application of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and etc.

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One conference、One exhibition、One Awarding Ceremony、One Platform

To build a systematic solutions of intelligent supply chain as an eco-system

  • Conference

    Global Supply Chain Conference

    Understand the most updated solutions and trends of how successful companies are making their strategies of building a digitalized supply chain

  • Expo

    Solutions and technologies of SCM / Logistics

    Grand exhibition for proven solutions and advanced technologies. Experts were invited to join the discussion on how to really solve related issues.

  • Award

    Supply Chain Innovation Awards

    To award the innovative enterprises and individuals for their achievements and contributions in SCM/Logistics

  • College

    On-line Speeches and Lectures

    Sharing the insights and solutions for supply chain managers via on-line training channel “Linked-Chain” platform, GLSC will be able to link to the world.

Speakers of GLSC 2019

  • 11111

    Mr. XueShan Yang

    Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology

  • 11111

    Mr. JunFa Ding

    Chairperson of GLSC 2019, Chief Consultant of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

  • 11111

    Mr. JianWei Wang

    Director of Integration of informatizati
    on and industrialization, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • 11111

    Dr. JianJun Fang

    Chief Scientist of Fraunhofer in China, Professor of Tongji Univrsity

  • 11111

    Mr. YiMin Gu

    General Manager of Medicine Group Logistics Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Qingsong Zhang

    General Manager of Jiuzhou Tong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. YiBin Huang

    General Manager of Beijing Jiahe Jiashi Medicine Logistics Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Wei Xu

    Logistics Director of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Ximeng Lin

    Senior Consultant of Logistics Technology Research Institute, Ex-Vice President of Fulfillment Center, Dmall Life Network and Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Shuai Yang

    General Manager of Zhejiang Int’l Group Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Lucheng Chen

    Vice President of Haier Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

  • 11111

    Mr. Ruicheng Li

    Senior Vice President of SAP China Research Institute

  • 11111

    Mr. Jun Xu

    Founder and CEO of

Agenda,GLSC 2019

GLSC Organizing Committee will hold The conference with a variety of meetings, roundtable discussion and exhibitions. Please find the meeting agenda with the below button.

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GLSC will Gather the leaders of supply chain management and logistic management, who Are all seeking for proper technical products, professional services and solutions.


The Marketing Team of GLSC Organizing Committing will help the sponsors To arrange proper promotional plans which not only promote your company product or services to the participants, but also Help to build your company, high level positioning among all the competitors. The sponsors can have an opportunity to directly communicate with your potential target client decision makers in the meeting.